AECS Technics

So What is ADAS?

I am certain that you would have heard about ADAS and know what it does. Some of you would have driven cars with some form of…

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Jaltest Update – 20.1

Jaltest keeps getting better. Check out the latest 20.1 software update for Jaltest. If you don’t have Jaltest… Jaltest is the worlds #1 multibrand diagnostic…

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AECS Health & Safety: COVID-19

This is some information from Herbert, Cunie and our team regarding our training and equipment and the measures we’re putting in place in regards to…

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TiePie MM3000 – Milli Ohm Meter

The MM3000 is a unique extension to your ATS Scope. MM3000 in combination with the high precision and low impedance enables an ATS Scope to…

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Launch Thermal Image Camera

Launch Thermal Imaging Camera

New to our website is the Launch thermal imaging camera which provides a reliable and accurate non-contact method for pinpointing thermal variations or profiles so…

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diesel emission training

Exhausting Diesel

In our latest AECS Technics, we look at one of the topics that keep coming up is in regards to diesel exhaust systems. The number…

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A Great Cause – House to House 2020

We are raising money for Ronald McDonald House with there House to House fundraiser.  We’re always keen for a good cause, and all of us…

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Video: Jaltest ADAS

We have recently been introduced to the new Jaltest ADAS commercial vehicle calibration equipment (if you work on trucks); Learn all about Advanced Driver Assist…

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launch adas

Video: Launch ADAS

New Launch ADAS has arrived.  Paul from our team takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the new Launch ADAS.  If you are interested…

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Launch ADAS with Eurotab

Unpacking ADAS

A few days back we had a huge package arrive. The package was our new Launch ADAS, upon unpacking and setting up we’ve found the…

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R&D – New Training

Today Herbert was running some tests on this little device called a Refractometer.  You will have to go to the our new training seminar, to…

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AECS Technics – Sticky Throttle

In our latest technical article, Herbert shares on a method of diagnostics that is truly innovative in the story of the Sticky Throttle.  Included is…

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The Future is Now – Diagnostics

Take a look at the latest in Diagnostic Scan tools and scopes.  Any questions or thoughts?  Let Paul know [email protected]

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In 2019 we had overwhelming support for our Roadshow, coming in 2020 will be a hybrid version of our Roadshow, which we’ve called AECS Live.…

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ATS Scopes

Video: ATS Scopes – Are easy to use

We take you on a small video series, on how easy ATS Scopes are to use and brush over some of the functions you can…

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STT45 Truck Brake Tester

Video: STT45 Truck Brake Tester

Check out the latest in AECS Truck Brake Tester technology with the STT45 Test Lane.  Paul from our team walks you through the primary aspects…

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Jaltest & ATS Scopes for powerful diagnostics

Commercial Vehicle – Powerful Diagnostic Package

Paul takes us through a combination of Jaltest (commercial vehicle scan tool) with an ATS Scope (2 Channel Oscilloscope), and how powerful the two work…

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Video: Brainbee Clima 9350 – Aircon Service Equipment

Paul takes a look at the latest in Brainbee Aircon Service Equipment, that has just arrived from Italy.  This is the new Brainbee 3950, this…

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