Welcome to our blog for AECS.  This is a dedicated website for the latest info and news that is happening within AECS.  Over time we’ve realised that not everyone is on social media and lately we’re finding people are moving away from it.  So we thought it best to have a space where we can share with you, so you can read, watch and review at your own leisure.

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Here is some more information on AECS and what we do.


AECS has been a forerunner in New Zealand automotive diagnostic training and equipment for small, medium, and corporate clients since 2000.

AECS Training
AECS trains 800+ technicians around New Zealand and Australia, we provide immersive training with theory and practical hands-on experience to empower new and experienced technicians to become proficient and productive. AECS has 29 developed in-house seminars that will up-skill you or your staff. By design, our training content is infused with theory and practical aspects to empower you to apply learning straight into your workshop.

AECS Equipment
AECS has a vast array of equipment and tools for your workshop. We believe that every workshop should have the best equipment. We understand that having the best equipment is 0% downtime and 100% productivity. We believe in pure quality and affordability.

With you in mind, our products have been tried and tested with a solid ROI (return on investment), maximising time and revenue.  We back our equipment with training. AECS offers training on our equipment, in-house or at one of our training seminars throughout New Zealand.

Hi to all at AECS, thank you so much from all the team and it is very much appreciated. Thank you to all who have put in hard work and long hours preparing the work that is put in front of us throughout the training that we attend.
–AECS Customer