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January 28, 2020 / 2 Comments / Equipment

Unpacking ADAS

A few days back we had a huge package arrive. The package was our new Launch ADAS, upon unpacking and setting up we’ve found the system strong and very well built.

Launch ADAS - AECS Launch ADAS - AECS


After the set up of the Launch ADAS, we tried it on a 2018 Mercedes GLE just to test how well it works. Launch Scan Tools are the brains behind the ADAS equipment, so we used our Launch Eurotab to start the calibration.

Launch ADAS - AECS

We followed the on-screen instructions. We had a few hiccups to start with, in which the (smart-ass) Eurotab shared clear instructions to make sure we did all the right things to get the target or calibration panel the right distance from the vehicle.

We pushed the go-button to start the calibration. Somehow I must have blinked at the wrong time, it was done in an instant. Easy as that. We’ve done a few more tests since, and we’re super impressed as to how blazing fast it does an ADAS calibration.

See the Launch ADAS video here

Recently we were talking with one of our customers, who does motor body repair they said, “after repairing a vehicle (with ADAS) it then gets sent 3 hours on the back of a truck to a dealer to have the ADAS calibrated”. And you guessed it, it is then sent back again on the back of a truck to the workshop. Seems excessive, the time and money involved in said process. Doing this in-house is the way forward. With Launch, you can never go wrong with it being able to be used across most brands.

We liked the Launch ADAS so much we made a video on it, so you can see more of what’s in the kit. Also, you can read more about Launch ADAS with the links below. If you want to chat about it, give us a call on 06 874 9077 or email [email protected]

More information:
AECS Website:
Watch the video: New Launch ADAS


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  1. allan burlace

    March 16, 2020 / Reply

    ADAS , yet another system to learn. Is it right then that any suspension repairs, steering parts replacement etc will require calibration?

    • AECS

      March 18, 2020 / Reply

      Hi Allan,
      Yes, it is another system to learn, I guess all in good time. Yes ADAS calibration will need to be completed with suspension repairs, steering parts replacement and in some cases windscreen replacement.
      Hope that helps.

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